onsdag 7 juli 2010

Say after me: javahhh

Yes, one month after the previous blog. Though I have been doing some work on JAmiga, it hasn't been much. The summer with its sun is here, which puts me outside with a glass of rosé wine.
Anyhow, the work I have made consist of a lite-javah-util. Javah comes with the Java SDK and it creates C-header files for the JNI, for native methods in java classes. I have been using the one on my Ubuntu linux machine, but since it only produces the header files, I still have to do a lot of typing (I believen there were version of javah that also produces skeleton c-source, but I haven't found it anywhere). Basically, my javah-lite (should) produce both header and c-file, with empty skeleton JNI functions, from the java source. The comments from the Java-source should be available, which the original javah does not, so one doesn't need to look at the Javadoc all the time. The JNI stuff should do nothing, but I should be able to run JAmiga with GNU classpath 0.95 (for instance) and make it crash, or hopefully complain about unimplemented methods. When I manage to do this, it is just a matter of going through the JNI code, and implementing the functions.

So, progress is as always slow.

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