onsdag 17 februari 2010

JAmiga continuing

So, a few things has happened on the JAmiga front.

Began from scratch with the jamiga source found at jamiga.org, and the classpath 0.12. I have made a local SVN to keep track of what I've done.

I've also tried mauve, and ran autoconf aclocal, and what not on my Linux machine, copied that to the Miggy, and made a few changes to the Makefile, so it runs with JAmiga (the CP is separated with ",", since the colon is for devices and disks on Amiga), and "/bin/pwd" was changed to "cd".

So, I'm thinking of releasing a JAmiga 0.0.6, with classpath 0.12 and mauven included, to get a few other testers.
Work now has to been done on:
1. Stabilizing JAmiga
For this the mauven project is excellent, since it doesn't need all classes supported; the first goal would be too make JAmiga crash "nicely" and just throwing exceptions.
2. Getting Java 1.5, 1,6 and 1.7 to run
Done, by either getting GNU classpath 0.98 to run (a few GNU classpath native methods has to be made), OR getting the OpenJDK supported (the former is probably much easier, since I've actually got a 0.98 compiled CP, and only get obvious methods that aren't supported)
3. Improving the org.jamiga-classes

These three steps could be done separately.

The first thing needed though is getting a new JAmiga out the door, getting some buzz, and attracting more testers and developers (and perhaps bounty givers).