lördag 10 november 2012

Coffee and bounty

Coffee and a bounty. What could be better?

We've just set up a bounty on AmigaBounty.net for Java on AmigaOS 4.1. The plan forward consist of three milestones. Milestone 1 covers the basic functionality of a working Java implementation, which also offers some novel applications to AmigaOS. Milestone 2 and 3, will offer even more in terms of user gain, with GUI and graphics capabilities, and applet support.

The reason why this bounty is set up at this point, is that I now feel confident that the goal can be reached. By taking the JamVM route, the number of unimplemented cans of worms the original Jamiga VM had, has greatly been reduced.

Milestone 1 possible applications

I thought I'd collect a small collection of tools that will run on Jamiga2 when milestone 1 is done (more info on what milestone 1 is will follow). These will consist of either currently available console applications, or existing Java open-source frameworks packaged by me (or someone else) using minimal coding.

Telnet/SSH client

A very simple Telent/SSH client, based on the JTA framework. It actually has a GUI client, but with minor effort a very simple console based telnet client has been made working. See below for a screenshot of it running on my amigaized JamVM source and GNU Classpath 0.99 (with GUI support). The system is Ubuntu Linux in a VMWare on my MacBook Pro, so its Intel, not PPC.

What you see is JamVM spitting out stuff like "[Opened native library...]", "libopen returning true". The text "Connected!" and the following lines are actually the Java program connecting to the telnet daemon on MacOS. I entered "uptime" which was sent to MacOS, who so kindly responded with the uptime. I wrote "quit", which the Java program takes as a signal I want to quit, and then JamVM spits out "exit vm", and exits.

Again, nota bene: this runs on Linux and Intel right now, which you probably can deduct from it not looking like Amiga. But just to be clear, so I don't fool anyone.

Console based Twitter client

By using Twitter4J a simple console application allowing for status updates and listing should be feasible. Together with some clever ARexx scripting, integration with f.i. Ringhio should not be impossible.