måndag 19 juli 2010

Native implementations

Now work has been focused on writing mising native stuff to work with GNU Classpath.
I am trying to run HelloWorld using Classpath 0.93 and also 0.98, and catching any unimplemented methods along the way. It is kind of tedious, and the javah-util could really help me out. Classpath 0.98 works equally well as 0.93 -- which doesn't tell us much -- but work with 0.98 might be upped on the priority list, possibly avoiding 0.93 bugs.

I have also updated the wiki-page on Classpath development, and can happily see the atleast one method has turned from red to green! Noteworthy is that not all red methods have been found yet, and a few of the ones in gnu.java.nio (file handling stuff), might already be implemented.

I have also received some JAmiga work from another developer which I'm currently merging with the other stuff; there were a few speed improvements and such (Thank you Thore, I hope you join the project).

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