onsdag 14 juli 2010

JNI 1.2.. and other thoughts

JAmiga support JNI 1.1.
Ofcourse, the latest is the way to go. Looked at java.sun.com and looked through teh document on JNI functions. It seems rather straightforward to implement the functions in jnienv.c|h.

My latest entry was about javah, and it may seem like I'm jumping between different things to do in JAmiga, but:
a) the javah-util's aim is to help implement the missing JNI methods of GNU CP 0.95
b) JNI 1.2 works differently, and I might get away without my own javah-util

So... I'm thinking that JNI 1.2 is a highet priority.

But then again, I have been looking at JamVM. I have implemented a few thread stuff in it for AmigaOS, but there are some strange reloc issues when I run the binary. So, I am a bit stumped. And I think that work on Amiga specific Classpath JNI stuff, could be used with JamVM, which I think would perhaps be a safer way, since JamVM, a) is being actively developed, b) has Java 6&7 in the works, and c) is actually working ann being used.

So. I really don't know what to do. JAmiga is a nice project, and it has potential, but it huge task to maintain it, and get it working. Other things talking *for* JAmiga is support for MorphOS, Aros, AOS3 and AOS4. But I think JamVM could be made working for those aswell.

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