onsdag 9 juni 2010

Looking into GNU Cp 0.93

I have now built GNU CP 0.93 (on my Linux machine), I used this configure:
.\configure --disable-jni --disable-gtk-peer --disable-gtk-gconf-peer --disable-plugin --disable-core-jni --withour-native-libdir -- with-ecj --host=ppc-amigaos --prefix/home/joakim/amiga/Projekt/cp093 --with-glibj=flat

Which build the whole thing using ecj (could probably use somthing else, but I had that installed), and creates a dir with class-files (not a jar file).

Anyways, trying to use this with JAmiga didn't work, and I believe there are a few native stuff needed. Will continue looking at what is implemented and not; info will come on the wiki.

tisdag 8 juni 2010

Roadmap thoughts

I've been thinking of producing a roadmap of some kind. A wiki page has been created. Two subgoals have been identified: getting Java 1.4 working with GNU CP 0.93, and then adding Java 1.5 with GNU CP 0.98.