tisdag 19 juli 2011

The JAmiga team

I'm happy to announce that the JAmiga team has got two new members (which makes it relevant to even talk of a team): Thore Sittly is working on MorphOS, and Christoffer is helping out with the OS3-version.

Lately Thore added JAR-files support for MorphOS, and I'm in the process of making sure it works with OS4 aswell. Thore is also looking into adding MUI support for the AWT/spring stuff. Other new features are network support, which I am working on, and of course the ever on-going "getting everything to really work".

All in all, JAmiga might see a new release in a not to distant future -- still a beta though -- for three of our targeted platforms. We still need help from Aros-people. If you can compile stuff for Aros, please do help us (I neither have time, nor patience to install Aros at the moment). I assume our efforts in making it compile for OS3 will help us compile it for Aros aswell.

Note to self: performance test

Found a comparsion between different Java VM:s:

Should probably create a few Java-tests to test JAmiga:s capabilities. To get comparative results, I should probably install a Linux on my AmigaOne, and test JamVM and the others.