lördag 19 mars 2016

Swing it, magistern!

Finally motivated by some inquiring posts on amigans.net, and a donation, I've found some time to continue my Jamiga works. I'm now focusing on AWT/Swing. So, swing it magistern!

This is Alice Babs, Sweden's (late) most famous be-bop-a-doodelidoo-scat singer. She swings it good.

I've setup a Trello board, mostly for my own peronsal use. I've found that given my sometimes rather long pauses, I tend to forget what I've done. So I'm trying this Trello out, where I'll create cards under "Doing" for the tasks I'm currently doing, and adding what else I might come up with under "To do". Hopefully I'll be able to keep it updated.
If you register for Trello, I think its possible to comment and vote and stuff.

Currently there are two cards under "doing": "Fix current AWT/Swing implementation", and "Fix IntuiFontPeer". The latter being more exactly what I'm doing, and the former being the greate context why I'm doing the latter. In the "done" department we have "Find Swing/AWT application to run", which is done. The result was the oh so exciting Swing application "Jaguar". Jaguar is a Java AmigaGuide reader, using Swing.

Screenshot from Linux.
Hardly the killer app AmigaOS needs, but it starts, and has a GUI. Written in 1998 it uses the deprecated imports "com.sun.java.swing", instead of "newer" "javax.swing". After a quick find & replace, Jaguar could be compiled and run with JAmiga. It does however, of course, throw errors and can't actually be run. But that's what the Trello cards are about. (One more thing to note about Jaguar is that it can't be used, since there's a few exception when clicking the AmigaGuide buttons... but that's really just a minor detail. After all we have MultiView.)

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