torsdag 1 augusti 2013


I've managed to draw a nice new icon for JAmiga! This is what I've been doing the last few days since my silly release:

Finally, I deliver some quality work. If you'd like to have this really nice eye-candy, just download the latest release.

No, seriously, that icon looks like something my lolcat managed to draw in PPaint trying to pet the Logitech (which is not far from the truth). With the help from Joel Edberg, Thomas Blatt was persuaded to draw me some really nice icons, and JAmiga can now boast with fancy icons. How they look? Well, download the update below to see.

Not only pretty pictures

This release also includes support for AmiUpdate, so you'll get freshly squeezed JAmiga automatically!

Besides AmiUpdate, these are the other changes in this new first real release.

  • New script, JAmiga:JAmiga, which holds the release version. Executing this script will show you the currrent status of your JAmiga installation -- invaluable information for me when looking for errors. Besides the script spitting out various settings and assigns, it'll also try and start a tiny Java application, only to show you that it works (or not).
  • Fixed the "Filer:" assign in jamvm
  • Changed versioning of jamvm. The previous pre-release of jamvm had version 1.5.4, just like jamvm really has. I've now changed this, so the 1.5.4 version is reported in the full version string, and the Amiga jamvm version is reported as 1.1. I hope this doesn't pose problems in future AmiUpdates (since 1.5.4 is higher than 1.1)
  • Removed debugging from javanio.library making it less slow.
  • And, of course, the new shiny icons!

Java application seen working

Now, my ill-fated Twitter client isn't really the killer application we all wanted, I guess. But other stuff has been reported working:

  • The reason for fixing javanio.library, was primalrily that it caused problems running Smushit, as reported by asymetrix over at With my tiny fix it now actually works. It turned out that writing the smushed files took too long time, timeing out the Yahoo server.
  • Chris_Y reported that jasypt (some sort of encryption thingie) worked, after giving it some proper command-line love.

It's really nice to see the amigans eagerness in trying out JAmiga. I will myself try a few things I've been looking at running, and hope that you all keep up the good work! I will keep on reporting what has been seens working.

Enough rambling, show me the download!

You can install this 1.1 version over your current installation, or to a clean system.
If you have the 0.1.0 version installed, you can uncheck the GNU Classpath choice -- nothing has changed there.
Follow the link below to download. Unpack the archive with UnArc (lha sometimes misses the the flags for the scripts)

And keep an eye on AmiUpdate!

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