måndag 7 november 2011

One issue down...

Ok, not a biggie, but still progress. I have implemented the setting of properties from commandline. It was neither complicated nor very fun, but it was needed.
Fig 1. This screenshot shows us jamiga running the TestProperties-class (its source code is visible in the Cubic window to the right), with the parameter -D which sets a Java property.
I am in the process of finalizing the network support. However, something is going wrong so I need to do some debugging. To simplify the debugging process (so I don't have to recompile when a new class shouls be debugged), I am implementing the java commandline options for verbose output (-verbose:class), with added possibility to enable it for a defined set of classes, using -- you guessed it -- the "-D" parameter.
In the screenshot you can also see JAmiga starting the network process -- or rather, you can see JAmiga checking if the network process is started, which it is after the second try. If you'd be able to scroll the console window down, you'd also see that the network process is ended when JAmiga is.

I told you I'd be posting a screenshot! But I didn't say it would be fun or interesting though!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Cool that you're still working on this. I'm not sure how much is remaining until it's useful, but I think it's really important to have something like this on Amiga/Morphos :)

  2. GUI might be a lot of work, but until then, what would be really nice is to make something like Play Framework run on Amiga :)

  3. I looked briefly at the Play Framework. It seems to use Hibernate and JPA - I don't know what they require.
    Anyhow, GUI shouldn't be too hard, some stuff is already implemented, so I'm hoping that a not too distant release will include network and GUI support, with the aim of not fully Java 1.5 compliance, but rather some kind of usability experience.